By itself a custom printed notepad is nice, but ...

... pairing it with a custom printed pen is better.

Choose from a variety of pens such as stick pens, click pens, and grip pens in a variety of different colors.

Then get a high quality custom printing text, graphic, or both on your pen.

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Custom Printed Pens

  • Economy Stick Pen

    As low as $0.24 per pen


  • Mood Stick Pen

    As low as $0.45 per pen


  • Embassy Click Pen

    As low as $0.70 per pen


  • Hourglass Soft-Touch Pen

    As low as $0.60 per pen


  • Executive Grip Pen

    As low as $0.53 per pen


  • Stellar Grip Pen

    As low as $0.50 per pen


Pairing a custom printed pen with a custom printed notepad would be a great combination. A pen without something to write on doesn't do much good, and a notepad without something to write with isn't much use either. So why not order a custom printed pen, and hand both out together making them useful on the spot.

You can find a variety of different pen styles to choose from, each with an assortment of colors to choose from. Custom printed pens are great items to hand out even without a notepad because they are affordable with any marketing budget. Also everyone can use an extra pen and having your logo or business name custom printed on it turns the pen into a great promotional item. Hand them out at your next event whether it is a tradeshow, rally, speaking engagement, convention, luncheon, parade, or even a school function.

If you don't find a pen to suit your need here, you can contact a sales representative or visit our website

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