Notepads make an excellent promotional item, because everyone uses them.

Scratch notepads come with 50 sheets and can be printed in 1 to 4 colors.

Our selection of scratch notepads come in a variety of styles and sizes.

Custom print any image or text on a notepad to make it a unique promotional item.

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Custom Printed Note Pads

  • Lined Scratch Notepad

    As low as $0.68 per pad


  • To Do Scratch Notepad

    As low as $0.52 per pad


  • Small Blank Scratch Notepad

    As low as $0.38 per pad


  • Blank Scratch Notepad

    As low as $0.43 per pad


  • Large Blank Scratch Notepad

    As low as $0.51 per pad


Notepads are a great tool to create a reminder for a personal task. Custom printed scratch / notepads make great advertisements for any business, because potential customers will be reminded about their task but also your business. What better opportunity is there to reach your customer when they want to remember something.

You can get a variety of notepad styles such as to do lists, grocery lists, lined notepads, and of course blank. Carefully choosing the right notepad for your business can go a long way with your customers. For example cooks, restaurant owners, and even grocery stores would benefit from a grocery list notepad. When people are thinking of food, that's a perfect opportunity for a business reminder.

Our custom printed notepads can be printed in 1 - 4 colors, come in a variety of different sizes, and have 50 sheets per notepad. Any text or graphic can be printed on a notepad, which makes it ideal for business logos and company names.

For more options and larger sheet sizes please contact a customer representative today.

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